This Common Business Mistake
Almost Cost Me Everything

(Here’s How To Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen To You…)

“We Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Else…”

Vanguard Marketing created a comprehensive advertising strategy across multiple platforms (including Facebook, Google, Youtube, and others) that is currently generating us a 3:1 return on our advertising spend. In other words, for every dollar we spend on our ads, we get three back. This has allowed us explosive growth and the ability to heavily re-invest into dominating market share and developing new product lines. At this point, we wouldn’t trust anyone else to manage our advertising.”

Gerry Sanderson - Eagle Golf Group

“Literally Twice The Conversion”

“I managed to snap Daniel for a consult recently. I had an offer that was doing
well, but I wanted it to do better. Within 30 minutes Daniel laid down a strategy
for me to re-position how I was selling this product. I basically passed the
notes on to my employee and a day later I had the new version.
The results? Literally twice the conversion rate we had before.
And best of all, I didn’t actually have to do any of the work.

Greg -

“Cutting-Edge And Highly Profitable.”

“When I need someone to help me out in the copywriting or marketing world,
Daniel’s the first guy I go to. Not only does he really know what he’s doing, but
he has kept his finger on the pulse of what works and updated his strategies
over the years to keep them cutting-edge and highly profitable.
His system for creating marketing is elegantly simple but very powerful.
Whether you’re just starting your first business or an industry veteran, I highly
recommend you go through this course and take detailed notes. It WILL get
you results.”

Collin Chung

“They’re Now My ‘Go To’ Squad …”

“The Vanguard Marketing team are professional, hit deadlines, and do excellent work. They work quickly and efficiently and don’t break the bank. They’re now my ‘go to’ squad for anything involving my website or marketing.”

Esther Kiss -

“I Would Have Paid A Ton …”

“Daniel’s team solved something that had me stumped for 3 months in about 3 days. I would have paid a ton for what they did, but the price was super reasonable. Can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jesse -

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