The Secret To Scaling Your Business’ Revenue
(Even If You’ve Been ‘Stuck’ At The Same Point For Years…)

Want Me To Help Your Business Scale?

Then Read This Very Carefully…

Dear Fellow Marketer,

For a limited time, I am offering a small number of free strategy sessions to serious entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

When I’ve done these in the past, they’ve often led to doubling or tripling revenue or profits.

I don’t expect this time to be any different, and I imagine the spots will fill up very quickly.

There are only three requirements to meet to take advantage of one of these strategy sessions…

If you meet these three simple requirements, click the big button and give me some basic info to request a free consultation.

We will then schedule a time that works for both of us to have a 30-minute call where I’ll lay out a full strategy for you to achieve your goals with your business.

But please keep in mind this is a first-come, first-served offer, and spots are limited. If you want to take advantage of my generosity, don’t wait, or you may miss out.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Daniel Scott
Founder and president, Vanguard Marketing

P.S.  Here are a few appreciation letters from recent clients…

“I sat down with Daniel for an hour. He was able to double my conversion rate from 6%, to 12%, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance”

– Greg Greenway,

The Vanguard Marketing team are my “go to” guys when it comes to backend work on my website. They’re fast, accurate, and knowledgeable. They’ve saved my bacon more than once.”

– Esther Kiss,

“Daniel’s team are getting me a 3-to-1 return on ad spend on our newest offer. In an industry where breaking even on the front-end is considered “good” and accounts are being banned left and right, they’re generating tens of thousands of dollars every month in revenue with sharp marketing.”

– Gerry Sanderson,

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